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Channel Letters
Light Boxes
Sign Maintenance
Window Graphics
Indoor & Outdor Banners

Way Finding Installations

We specialize in internal and external vinyl
banners and custom signs.

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Our signage is digitally printed.

Impress the public

We guarantee full colour vibrancy on all
our signage.


Interior Installations

Our installations include die cut lettering, posters, wall murals, window films and a wide variety of 3M wall coverings.

Dazzling signage with powerful marketing impact.

Increase your Signage Longevity

Our signs possess UV stability for durability.

Safety + Installations

We are experienced.
We employ only skilled installers.
We have a perfect safety record.


Exterior Street Level Installations

Our printing and installations are applied to hoarding, pylon signs and rough textured surfaces.

Large format printing that commands consumer attention and delivers your message with impact.


Exterior Banner Installations

Our engineered installation methods allow for high level graphic installations.

Head turning signage that sells: spans a building tip to toe.

The Flash Frame



This revolutionary framing system designed by Four By Eight Signs is a slim, sleek, modern design that compliments any building face and design expression.

The installation is made easy and can be done by either professional installers, ie. Four By Eight Signs, or by yourself following the step-by-step instructions provided with each frame.